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Say "YES" to the Photo Booth!

As if you need a reason... photo booths were just hitting the wedding scene when I got married seven years ago and it's proven to be a trend that's not fading any time soon. In fact, they've come a long way. They're no longer just a box with a camera. There are so many options, from open air, to enclosed, to flip books to animated gifs to green screens! YIKES!!! Okay, okay... maybe I can see why hiring one would be so overwhelming. I mean, how do you choose?

But before I get into why you should choose TiNMAN Photo Booth, let me tell you five reasons why you should move photo booth from your "extras" list to your "must have" list.

Sure, it's YOUR wedding day, so, of course, the day should be about you and your significant other. But you've put so much thought into choosing the people that you absolutely want to share this special day with. And they come from near and far to be witness to your commitment to love! So, would it be so bad to give them something in return?


... KEEP THEM ENTERTAINED The bartender’s keeping the cocktails flowing and the music is playing, but dancing isn’t for everyone! Instead, you can give them an opportunity to show off their best poses and silly faces in the photo booth. It's guarantees to be a great source of entertainment for your perfectly planned event!


Save yourself (and your bridesmaids) from the assembly line of bow-tying and hot gluing those favors that, let’s face it, may up in the “junk drawer”. Sure, they might be super cute--you probably spent hours on Pinterest finding the perfect keepsake--but in actuality, most of that cuteness never gets looked at again. So, why not give them a photo strip that will end up on the fridge, something they'll be sure to look at time and time again. I bet they might even snap a photo of it to post on social media!


What happens in the booth doesn’t always stay in the booth. You'd be surprised at how many people don't realize that with every click of the camera, a digital file is being saved! And guess who gets those files--you do! You’ll definitely have the best stories to tell after the wedding is over and you’ll have the photos to prove it!


Impromptu photos are sure to bring smiles and laughter all night, especially when you get Grandma in the booth with a feather boa and oversized sunglasses!


You might be shocked by the photos you get. Maybe by the one of the aunt you haven’t seen since you were in diapers? Or the cousins that traveled across the country to celebrate with you? Or your best friend with your brother??? Photo booths are like a box of chocolate... you never know what you're going to get!


So, have we convinced you yet!? If you answered yes, then I can now tell you why you should hire TiNMAN Photo Booth. Give us a call... we'd love to chat about your event and help determine how we can best fit your event needs!

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