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Booking TiNMAN Photo Booth

Booking TiNMAN Photo Booth

 What is your availability?

Send us an email or inquiry through our website with your date request. We will check our calendar and reply within 24 hours.


How far in advance do I/we need to book?

Our calendar fills up quick, especially during peak wedding season, so we recommend booking as soon as you can!


If TiNMAN Photo Booth is not available on my/our date, can you recommend another photo booth?

Yes! We have several friends in the industry and can happily refer one of them if needed!


Why is the minimum time requirement three hours?

In our experience, three hours works well for most events. On average, the photo booth will be in use for about 30-40 sessions depending on how many photos you want to include on a strip. So, three hours can easily accommodate parties up to 150 guests.


What if I/we only need the photo booth for two hours?

You can book us for two hours, but our prices are based on a minimum of three hours.


Can I/we add more time if needed?

Yes! Additional time can be added for $125 per hour if booked in advance.

Booth Photos

Booth Photos

 Are prints included with the photo booth?

Yes, the prints are unlimited. With a 2”x6” strip, you will receive two copies per session and with a 4”x6” photo, you will receive one. Reprints are available upon request.


Will I/we get the high resolution image files?

Yes! The high resolution image files will be available for download within 48 hours of your event.


Will my images be available for my/our guests to download photos?

The link provided to you will be unlisted and only visible to those you choose to share them with.


How can my guests get the link to download the high resolution digital files?

Once we provide the link, you are free to send it to whomever you choose. Or we can include a small QR code on the photos that will direct your guests to the online gallery that will be available within 48 hours of your event.


How does the QR code work?

A QR code, unique to your event, will be printed on every photo. Any barcode scanner on a mobile device will be able to read the QR code. Once scanner, the user will be directed to the online gallery where your photos will be uploaded. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours for the photos to be available.

What is a model release?

If you choose to sign the model release portion of our contract, you are giving TiNMAN Photo Booth permission to use your event photos for marketing purposes, including use on social media sites.


Booth Set-Up & Tear Down

Booth Set-Up & Tear Down

How much time is needed for set-up and tear down?

We typically need an hour for set-up and an hour for tear down.


Is the time needed for set-up and tear down part of my rental time?

No. If you book us for three hours, you will have three hours of photo booth use plus an additional hour for set-up and another for tear down. So, for a three hour event, we will be at your event for at least 5 hours.


When will TiNMAN Photo Booth be at my event to set-up?

To maintain a professional appearance, we do NOT set-up during your event. So, for example, if your wedding ceremony begins at 4pm and your reception begins at 5pm and they take place in the same location, we will set up at 3pm.


What is “idle time”?

“Idle time” is the time when the photo booth is set up but NOT in use.


Do you charge for “idle time”?

Yes. There is a $25 per hour charge for each hour the photo booth is set-up but not in use.


Why do you charge for “idle time”?

While the photo booth is set-up for an event, an attendant must remain with the photo booth at all times to ensure that theft or damage does not occur. Leaving the photo booth unattended leaves the client liable for any theft or damage that might occur.


What happens if my rental time ends BEFORE the end of my/our event?

Just like our set-up policy, we will not tear down during your event. If we have to close the booth before the end of your event, we will have to charge for idle time.


Why will TiNMAN Photo Booth NOT set-up or tear down DURING my/our event?

It is important that as a company that we want to maintain a professional appearance. Also, setting up or tearing down during an event would be disruptive to you and your guests.



What backdrops are available?

Our photo booth package includes a standard curtain in either white, black, gray or red.


Can I/we upgrade our backdrop?

Yes! We are contantly adding to our inventory of backdrops and have others available for an upgrade fee. Please inquire about them.


Can I/we supply our own backdrop?

Yes! We do, however, ask that you send us an image of what it will look like at least 1 week prior to your event so that we can design your photo overlay accordingly. 

Photo Strip Design

Photo Strip Design

Do you have a gallery of templates to choose from?

No, we custom design your photo overlay based on your event. We will send a questionaire asking about your theme, colors, etc to design something unique for you. We may also ask you for an image of your invitation if you'd like us to incorporate it into the design.


What can I/we include on the overlay?

Anything you want as long as it does not infinge on any copyrights. 


Where do you get images for your overlays?

While most of our designs are created by out in-house designer, we use a number of online resources for images including, but not limited to,,, and In most cases, we only use parts of various graphic elements to create something unique.


Do you sell your overlays?

No, we never sell any of our designs. As a courtesy, free design is included with your booth package.


Will you reuse any of past events’ designs?

No, we will never use the same design twice.

Photo Props

Photo Props

Are photo props included?

Yes, for an additional cost! We have a wide assortment of photo props, including, but not limited to, hats, glasses, boas/scarves, speech bubbles and masks. 


Can we choose our photo props?

We will choose the props to bring to your event based on the type of event we are servicing. However, we do welcome your input. If there is anything specific you'd like, please let us know. 


How do you store your props?

We carefully pack our props into storage bins. Depending on the items (ie. glasses), individual props may be stored in their own package for safe keeping.


Do you clean your props?

Yes! For hats, glasses and masks, we disinfect. If anything is stained or damaged, we dispose of it. Most of our paper/stick props are replaced for each event.


Can you make custom props?

Yes! We can create custom props and/or fulfill most special requests for an additional charge.

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